Packing is hard

So guess who spent the whole night sorting her iTunes library and packing? I did.

Though I do feel like I am the only one to blame since I seriously left everything to the last minute; again. I hate packing. It’s hard and I always bring too much underwear. And I have anxiety over what books to bring and what books not to bring but wait I might miss that book so much I better bring all my HP’s just in case you never know do you? Also, doesn’t it seem like a really good idea to bring all these pieces of clothing which I am NOT GOING TO WEAR? Oh wait, I just have to force my camera bag into my backpack, but how is my notebook going to fit in there? IT’S NOT GONNA. So let’s unlock the suitcase for the seventh time to see if we can move something, yeah, let’s just not bring those schoolbooks, heh, who needs an education?

So that’s what I’ve been up to for the last three, four hours. Also, I’m bringing the library books plus The Catcher in the Rye, no Harry Potter books this time. (Fun fact, for a camp once I brought the first to the fifth HP book because I thought I was gonna miss them. I didn’t though, good thing I brought them.)

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Spectacular, spectacular

So, like most other weeksdays, I was in school today. But today was not just like all the other days, today was… exactly like all other days.At least school is kinda of bearable if something fun happens. Today we all just kinda hung around, watched a few movies,
wrote a test (which went so well for me, thanks for asking) and I got to read some from 1984. I also decided that I’m not gonna read any
before we go to Turkey on Saturday; because someone here has to study for a History test.

One thing which also brings me down immensely right now is the fact that I have my test in Economics
the Monday when I come home again, and this means that I have to bring my books… with me.
Damn it.

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Confirmation – pros and cons

I got to wear my new shoes
I got to eat a lot of cake
A lot of relatives came over
A lot of those relatives gave me awesome things
I can now get married in a church…

I had to be in church
I had to wear a weird white dress-like thing
I had to be around people I hate
I had to sit a lot
I had to listen to a lot of shit about God
I had to look ugly

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Dun dun dun dun

My brother is home now, but he didn’t come home before I had to go through an awful day at school.
First, ignorant teachers. Second, ignorant students. Third, bad food.
Combine all these in one school day and then add the fact that I have to work after school on Fridays, then they make up a bad, bad day.

But it turned out pretty well when I finally got home and saw my bro and his girlfriend and the two new Sims games on my computer table.
(Those games would be the University game and the new Sims City. Whoop whoop.)

And today some of my relatives are coming here and I’m really excited, also I’m going to a book fair with brothers girlfriend,
and obviously I’m wearing my Great Gatsby sweater to that. So, YAY.

(Bad thing of the day, my sunglasses broke.)

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