Whoo Turkey!

I’m home from there now, and I have been since Saturday. Heh. I miss the warmth take me back.

Okay, well it is nice to be home, let’s be honest, those 30+ men hitting on you gets really disgusting after a week, and now I’m happily back home with my own kind, i.e hormone filled teens with thought problems. It was a good week though, I have a bit of a tan and new shoes, so bless money. I also bought a Superman sweatshirt which I have serious problems taking off; because it’s gorgeous.

I spent yesterday with Ida, we ate bananas with melted chocolate poured on them, snickers cookies and we cried like babies over Forrest Gump. I curse he who made that movie since the book wasn’t even half as bad and UGH. My feelings are still broken up about the whole movie. To soothe our hearts we watched Vampires Suck afterward, which is arguably the worse piece of shit I’ve ever seen. Well, not worse than the real Twilight movies, but y’know, I fell asleep halfway through.

Now to studying physics again. Please hold while I kill myself.


I apologize for my tears.

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