July 30th: Alone-time



I love being with my friends but honestly, one of my favorite things is to be by myself. So today I cleaned out my closet and watched FRIENDS and drew weird things and since I’m a cheesy teenager, I wrote a quote from the previously stated book, ”I am the Messenger”.

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July 29th: Quotes

2013-07-29 13.27.15

It was pouring rain all day so Anna and I stayed inside and watched Iron Man while I went through ”I am the Messenger” and marked my favorite parts. Now the highlighter is out and it’s time to mark the best quotes!

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July 28th: Hammock

2013-07-28 13.30.57

2013-07-28 14.39.14

2013-07-28 18.17.30

I had an awesome day outside with the best friend in the heat. I finished reading ”I am the Messenger” and I worked on my tan which was fabulous, though I can’t say it’s that visible. We listened to the Beatles while talking about just anything between chapters.

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