October 31st: Happy Halloween!

Today I did something incredibly stupid.

I signed up for National Novel Writing Month.


But I’m doing it for the chocolate

2013-10-30 23.41.23

I didn’t go to school, that’s why I had all that time to do stupid things like sign up for things I won’t be able to finish and watch a few too many episodes of CSI: NY (I did study geography too, I wasn’t completely useless today), but when six o’clock came around I had to see other living, breathing creatures than my dog and my dad, so first I bought an orchid for my mother since it’s her birthday on Saturday, and then I went to choir practice. And my wonderful best friend gave me a lot of hugs and some Halloween candy, which was delicious for my sickly soul. Later when Victor arrived, he wore a scary mask and Linnea tried it on and she looked just very charming.

Ribbet collage

(The candy picture was stolen from Linnea’s instagram!)

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October 30th: That’s cute

2013-10-29 12.42.55

2013-10-29 21.39.10

Another sickday, somebody murder me.

I basically only ate everything we had in the house that was edible today and played wordfeud with Anna while watching movie after movie. I saw the first Sex and the City-movie twice. And I watched both the Zorro movies, because Antonio Banderas, alright.

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October 29th: Sickly

After lunch I felt absolutely super duper freaking sick, so I went home. Period cramps, feverish and a headache more annoying than Justin Bieber, I really deserved that shitload of ice cream I ate when I got home.
Later in the evening my best friends came over to pat my face and make me feel better. Linnea braided my hair, and I wasn’t super excited about it.

2013-10-29 21.15.14

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October 28th: Sports club fiasko

No pictures from today.

So, we were supposed to go to the gym Sports Club for gym class, and the bus departed from the school at nine. I would have been well on time, had I not gone down to the garage at eight forty and found the tire of my bike post-explosion! I couldn’t take that thing to school and I couldn’t walk there and not miss the bus. It was pretty hopeless, but thankfully my brother was nice enough to pick me up and drive me there, so it all worked out.

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