September 27th: Ice cream and mehmel



On the PRAO today I only did two things; I put up drawings on the walls and I put ice cream in bowls for the school’s 250 pupils. I did it with Anna, Hugo and Robin, and while we did it we talked about all the fun times we’ve had in that school together. When we finally finished up and had cleaned away all the ice cream and sprinkles we went home, and who was waiting for me outside the school like a creep? The Robin I actually like. He was desperate that we buy the right hamburgers for out midnight snack – my ”I don’t care” attitude was very frowned upon. After a not so quick trip to Piffi we had bought hamburgers, sockerdricka and ice cream. And it was two o’clock.

I hurried home to clean the bathrooms before Linnea and Robin would come over for our ’lan’. But since we all knew we wouldn’t actually be playing that many games, we simply named it our ’mehmelmarathon’.

Anyway, we cooked dinner together while singing Kate Nash, and then we talked about all kinds of things between A and Z, and it was a lot of fun.


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