Heavy Rain



Alright, so we played the game Heavy Rain, which is one of my favorite games of all time and we were very determined to finish the game during Friday and Saturday. Little did we know that we would already be done by 2 a.m on Friday and I think it’s safe to say that while watching the ending and eating our midnight hamburgers; we were all disappointed. There are several endings, of course, but the one we got was just so bad. Like, yeah, we got the killer and Shaun didn’t die, but Ethan was arrested so Madison had to do all the things to kill Scott Shelby and save the kid and even though me made sure that Ethan/Madison did the thing (the thing is sex) they still didn’t end up together and that was a huge bummer and now I’m reminded that I’m super bitter about the game and GAH. But it was just so fun to play, especially with my friends.

And Robin played all the parts with Madison where there were ’sexy times’, which was hil-ar-ious.

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