September 28th: Omelettes




We woke up when the time was 09:something and that was just too early for my liking. But I didn’t get to fall asleep again because the friends were poking me and singing and just not letting me go back to sleep. Damn them. Well, after having spent almost two hours talking and lying on the floor under my covers we went downstairs to get some food in us. Who offered to make us omelettes? Robin. Linnea and I let him, because we were pretty fascinated by the fact that he had offered to make us food and HOW THE FUCK DO YOU SAY NO TO THAT? The answer is – you don’t, so we cooked noodles.

The day wasn’t very eventful but it was lovely. We watched both Ted and the first Pirates of the Caribbean while curled on the guest room bed after lunchtime. This was also when it was decided that they just felt so at home that they would stay another night. Then Linnea and I read an essay Robin had written and it was very good, and we listened to music and walked the dog and later in the evening we walked to the closest store that was open past 6 o’clock and we bought chips and candy and when we got back home we watched Moulin Rouge. And it was wonderful. Cozy.

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